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in high-tech projects and start-ups on different stages
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Do what you know and let us care about the rest. 



Our experienced team is here to help you in changing the world. The path to success is easier with your friends. 


We look for great projects with high potential for spreading around the world. Whether you have a running project, prototype or just an idea which is able to spread globally you're welcome to represent it to us.

The unique combination of skills and experience that exists across the UC team are specifically suited to support early-stage investment and meet the demands of the current environment.

Our Team

Investment Profile.


Our target investments are typically seed or Series A companies, the earlier the better. 

They generally have a consumer focus with a disruptive concept and have rapid scalable growth projections.


The preferable teams are those who are actively building product.

From our experience, the ideal mix is up to three open-minded co-founders with technical and business background.


We typically invest from $100K to $500K. However, we are highly flexible and able to invest up to $3MM in promising projects.

We are comfortable co-investing alongside with institutional investors, micro-vc's, and angels.


We are focused on ideas, not on industries. Our specific targeted sectors include, but are not limited, to the Mobile, Social, E-commerce, Digital Marketing, Augmented Reality.

We normally don't invest in hardware, clean energy, biotechs and healthcare.

Our Team.

The UC General Partners collectively have more than 20 years of operating and investing experience. The team has assembled a powerful network of relationships with participants in different industries around the globe including Silicon Valley, New York, London, Moscow, Tel Aviv, Astana, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.

Unlimited Capital’s network provides proprietary access to deal flow, due diligence, portfolio management and exit opportunities.

Our Network.


We invest in founders,

not in applications

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15 Hoe Chiang Rd, Singapore, 089316

2670 Leavenworth Str, San Francisco, CA, 94133

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From Asia to the World.

Although, we're based in Asia's financial and business center, our interests are concentrated in Silicon Valley and Israel as well. 

Our team travels a lot around the world and you can catch us up somewhere nearby. Just contact us to arrange the meeting.

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